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    It was getting harder and harder to resist. His hands were fisted on the table top and he still had that stormy look on his face.

    She pressed her elbow into his side, widened her eyes and raised her eyebrows at him warningly when he glanced to her.

    His lips thinned out before he flicked his eyes up over her shoulder. The silence extended for an uncomfortable amount of time. Castiel continued to look at Dean in that unblinking way of his that never seemed to unnerve Dean the way it did everyone else.

    Sam seemed to be having difficulty keeping a smirk off his face and Charlie dug her heel into the top of his shoe.

    How could they be so terrible at following a simple little plan? You guys came here… to party? And then it got better. As far as he knew, neither of them were supposed to have any idea what that meant.

    They both shared a victorious glance when Dean paled. Neither one of them asked about what Castiel was referencing because Dean already looked like he was one word away from exploding.

    He was staring wide-eyed and horrified at Castiel. Charlie took it as a victory that he seemed to have completely forgotten that she and Sam were also sitting in the booth.

    Is there anything you would like? Can you make sure they make it with lemonaide? She lost count somewhere in the high twenties.

    Just use my money. Both Charlie and Sam watched Dean closely before sharing pleased grins. Either way, he was lost to the world and Charlie counted that as a victory.

    She stole a glance after Castiel, just to make sure he was doing okay and to scope out the place for potential pawns in their plan.

    Rather than let her own question throw her off track, Charlie pointed at Castiel and the skinny jeans.

    The Winchesters could make some excellent faces if she chose her words right. She chewed her lip thoughtfully and glanced back toward the bar again.

    Castiel was standing ram-rod straight beside the stools with his hands on the counter while waiting for their drinks. Belatedly, Charlie realized they should have actually discussed with Castiel what he should do once someone started hitting on him.

    He needed to look available. Not that he was available, but really. Maybe the pants were going to achieve their goals all on their own.

    Dean certainly seemed to be having trouble not looking. Sam suddenly made an odd little noise in the back of his throat and Charlie turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

    From where Charlie was sitting, there were at least three possible ways this was going to play out. The first; Castiel would reciprocate her advances as per the plan.

    The second; he was going to smite her because she dared to touch Dean earlier. The third; Dean was going to drop her from across the bar with the gun hidden in the back of his jeans.

    None of them could hear over the music what was being said, but they were all watching — for various reasons of their own — as Castiel turned toward the woman.

    She was all smiles and bouncing curls and cleavage as she leaned against the counter next to him. Then she gave them a light tug and Castiel allowed himself to be pulled closer to her.

    Charlie would almost swear on her signed copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that she could actually hear Dean grinding his teeth. Dean was supposed to get up and go over and stake his claim.

    I have some wicked awesome painkillers I use for my cramps if you want one. No, no, no, no. This was not how this was supposed to be happening.

    Charlie and Sam shared a panicked look. She chewed her lip and glanced worryingly to where Castiel and nameless-woman-one who happened to have some serious personal spaces issues are still talking.

    Well, Cas seemed to be talking. The woman on the other hand was more or less plastered against him with her mouth still on his ear.

    One shoulder twitched it what she figured was a subtle shrug. Charlie scowled and stomped the rest of the way to the bar.

    She came up next to Castiel and reached for their drinks. He turned his head to look at her and the woman made a soft mewl of disappointment when it made his ear move away.

    Charlie wanted to slap her hands with a ruler and get her as far from Cas as possible because she was really starting to interfere with her ship.

    She left Cas his and picked up her drink. The same direction that Dean happens to be in. She looked sharply between Charlie and Castiel.

    I told Dean I was coming over here to get the drinks and give you some condoms in case you got lucky. When you lean back, look around the bar a few times.

    Hold it for a bit, even while taking a drink. Then look away but keep looking back every so often. If we hit it off, we hit it off.

    I like it simple like that. None of this pussy-footing around that you and Dean are doing, no offense. Dean was sitting facing Sam now, twisted at the waist so the bar was presented with his back.

    Sam was talking to him and he kept gesturing out toward where Charlie and Castiel were standing and she was totally going to buy him a cookie or something later for trying so hard to get the plan to work while Dean was being a dick and not playing along nicely.

    Charlie chewed absently at the straw of her drink. She nearly choked on her sip of her cocktail when he brushed past her. Charlie really had to admire the skinny jeans as he crossed the bar in long, quick strides.

    A moment later, Charlie shook herself free from a jeans-induced stupor and trotted after him. Charlie would take her small victories where she could.

    Right now, she would count Dean turning around and looking up at Castiel as one. He was straight-faced, but Charlie really hoped the softening around his eyes was him being happy that Cas had ditched nameless-woman-one.

    Still sipping at her drink, because damn blue lagoons not only looked good but they tasted amazing. Sam choked on his drink. And actions speak louder than words.

    Charlie very nearly spat her drink across the table. Sam did spit his drink across the table. Dean went very, very still.

    His eyes were wide and he was staring right back at Castiel because Cas was kissing him with his eyes open and seriously could these two stop with the eye-sex for like two freaking seconds?

    Then Charlie noticed it. The kiss ended as abruptly as it started. Castiel stepped away and let Dean drop back onto the bench.

    Sam and Charlie watched Dean closely for his reaction. He was doing the stoic face. It did not bode well. Without taking his eyes off Castiel, Dean took his beer and downed it in several long gulps.

    It made a hollow thud against the table top and Charlie flinched at it. Dean dragged a hand across his mouth and stood. Castiel took another step back to make space for Dean to pass him.

    Charlie and Sam shared twin looks of disappointed horror. Charlie twisted around on the bench and peered over the edge of it.

    Dean stood in the doorway to the bar, propping it open with his back. He had one hand in the pocket of his jeans and he jerked the other to gesture out the door.

    Castiel turned confused eyes to Charlie and she looked back at him, just as stunned. She faced Sam instead and watched his expression like a hawk.

    His whole face lit up before she heard the door boom shut. What did you see? This was almost as awesome as the time her group took down The Lich King.

    Charlie and Sam's hard work comes to fruition in this extra. Dean and Castiel put a big black 'X' through the UST in their relationship and even manage to solve a few lingering doubts in the process.

    I tried writing this in the past tense like I did with the previous chapters. But it just came out wrong. I'm sorry about the tense shift, but this is written in the present and it's all from Castiel's point of view.

    It's also the first time I've written smut in over a year and somehow this ended up longer than any of the previous chapters and there's a bit of a plot in there, if you look hard enough.

    There's certainly more than I ever thought was going to be in this. Thank you to everyone who's read, commented, kudos-ed, bookmarked, and subscribed to this story.

    Your kindness and encouragement was more than I was ever expecting and I pretty much cried every time. Thank you so much and if you plan to stick around to read anything else I post, I hope I don't disappoint you.

    He turns him and presses Castiel against the car. He wants to touch all of Dean. Teeth play over his bottom lip and Dean sucks on it before soothing it over with a wash of his tongue.

    He tastes bitter beer and the salt of peanuts and everything that is purely Dean. He parts his thighs and Dean slides closer, fitting a leg between them.

    His pants are tight and firmly holding his growing erection down. Castiel wants them off. And nothing he has ever done, no one he has ever met, have meant more to him than the man rolling his hips against his.

    He squirms, rubbing against the thigh pressed between his legs. Castiel could easily break his hold.

    He whines , loud and sudden. His hips twitch hard against him. Dean is smiling against his skin, he can feel it with the press of lips to the soft skin below his ear.

    He does it again, worrying the lobe between lips and teeth before sucking hard and dipping his tongue in. Castiel can sense eyes watching them.

    He wants to hear the same sounds from Dean. He wants everything Dean is willing to give. He pulls and pushes, forcing Dean back and for one moment Dean is wide-eyed and falling.

    Castiel spreads his wings in the sub-space where he hides them. Dean makes a noise of protest as Castiel grips his chin and makes him turn his head to the side.

    Castiel is more harsh with his teeth and tongue and lips than Dean was as he cleans away the smears of lipstick along the edge of his ear.

    The taste is cloying and he can smell her perfume. Dean groans and bucks against him and if Castiel was allowing himself to move, it might have unseated him.

    Dean lifts his head from the bed, seeking another burning kiss like the ones they shared against the car. Castiel pulls back after the first tantalizing brush of lips.

    Where else did she touch you? If she touched Dean elsewhere then Dean needs to be cleansed of it. Now get down here.

    He feels his shirt get pulled tight across his back before he hears the sound of stitches popping. Castiel looks down at the tatters that remain of the front of his shirt.

    Castiel sits back and shrugs the shirt off. Dean works his arms out of his jacket and over shirt, leaving them lying on the bed as he sits up. The action elicits another full-body quake and Castiel tips his head back with his moan.

    His licks and sucks and bites are experimental. He presses himself as tightly inside his vessel as he can, soaking up every sensation and how it makes his body tremble.

    Dean grunts in annoyance when he has to move away to allow it to be pulled over his head. Castiel throws it over his shoulder and leans against Dean as he moves his clothing off the blankets.

    He copies the same path Dean took, stopping to pay special attention to the areas that make Dean react. He quirks a small smile and presses his hand unerringly over the exact spot the handprint used to be.

    He watches Dean closely before sending a pulse of his grace through his palm and fingertips. Dean gives a surprised shout that quickly dissolves into a pleased groan.

    His back arches almost violently beneath Castiel. Castiel leans forward and presses a soft kiss to the center of the palm print.

    Dean hisses and his hips twitch. Castiel can feel him hard and hot through the layers of clothing they both still wear. It sends a shivering bolt of want to curl low and throbbing in his gut.

    Castiel traces his fingertips over the spot. It should have healed on its own without leaving a scar within the first year.

    I liked that humans, demons, angels, that everyone could see that I was the one who pulled you out of Hell. Not Uriel or Hester or anyone else, but me.

    And every time I was around you, I used my grace to keep it in place. Healing the scar was… me letting you go. Dean is quiet and Castiel takes advantage of the silence to suck and bite several red marks around his neck.

    He moves up to kiss Dean and taste him again. He opens his mouth, but no words come out. But he sees the pain, the hurt and the betrayal.

    He reaches up with both hands. Not again, not ever. But Dean grabs his wrists and pins them to the bed beside his head. But when did he start to want Dean in this way?

    He remembers how much it hurt to hear them and have to stay away. The hold on his wrist tightens. I wanna know why. Why did you choose Purgatory over me?

    This is not how he thought things would be going by now. I thought he knew best. Not after everything you did and everything you sacrificed.

    Not when you had the closest thing to peace you might ever know. I made the deal with Crowley to spare you of my troubles. Dean needs to hear it all.

    He needs to understand. I should have told you what I was planning. I hid it all from you to protect you. It was my war. If I brought you into it, Raphael would have used you against me.

    He pauses and even though Dean tightens his fingers around his wrists again, Castiel closes his eyes. There is a tightness in his throat that makes it hard to swallow, hard to breathe.

    I hurt the one person you care most about in this world because I knew it would distract you from stopping me. You tried and you failed because I was stubborn and so sure that what I was doing was right.

    That the souls from Purgatory would help me save what was left of my family. Castiel looks up at Dean again. Dean lets out a shaky breath and his head dips lower.

    His mouth is only a few inches away and Castiel wants to rise up and presses kisses to it. He wants to trace its edges and taste the smooth veneer of his teeth and the velvet of his tongue.

    Not after all that. Not after what I did to you, to Earth, to Heaven. Not after unleashing the Leviathans. But God brought me back anyway. Not after everything I destroyed.

    Purgatory was where I belonged. He swallows around the lump in his throat and takes a deep breath. He holds it for a long moment before continuing.

    I wanted you safe. I never wanted to give you false hope, Dean, but going with you was the only way. It took everything I had to let you go again.

    I told you I needed you. Castiel tries to chase after it and grunts his disapproval when Dean pulls out of reach. You keep coming back to me and what the hell was I supposed to think, Cas?

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    She files away that little bit for future reference. For several moments he sat there with a faraway look in his eyes and Charlie was getting seriously uncomfortable because the angel was barely breathing and holy crap did her little attempt at match-making just kill him?

    Is that what it took to kill an angel? That would just be really stupid. The clinking of dishes in the kitchen had her whipping around to see Castiel putting his dish and empty beer bottle in the sink and he looked over his shoulder to her and Sam — who was leaning dangerously far over to see around the doorframe.

    And then there was the beating of wings and the papers on her fridge fluttered against their magnets. This time, Castiel was actually gone.

    Charlie turned back to her screen slowly, frowning lightly at the running program and the flickering numbers. Rather than ask about it, Charlie decided to take the bull by the horns and address the oliphaunt in the room.

    Just that it was rough for the both of them and neither really likes to talk about it. There was silence for a tick and then Sam visibly winced.

    Sam rearranged himself and his face slipped into a mask of impassiveness that Charlie was so not going to just let go.

    She crawled across the table, lifted his legs — which she suspected were going to be heavy but holy crap she almost needed wingardium leviosa to move them — and settled onto the couch cushions.

    Well that got a reaction. And now Sam just looked amused. Of course, that probably had something to do with how she was a Hobbit compared to his Ent and she could probably hang from his arm like it was a tree branch.

    Sam ended on an exasperated huff and titled his head back against the raised edge of the couch-back. He was kind of… scary, and not Dean when he first showed up.

    And he was keeping secrets from me. She stared at him, eyes wide and expecting and one eyebrow quirked just so. Charlie even threw in a little pout, because that worked wonders on guys.

    Guys like Sam, apparently, because he caved in seconds and explained the whole hullabaloo behind this Benny character. She could just see the shipping wars between the… the… Oh man, she had to name the ships!

    Get the hair outta your ears. Sam was making another bitchface and this one was possibly even stronger than the last.

    If she did, she might burst into flames or disintegrate on impact or something equally horrific. Not that the fandom knew that the Supernatural characters were actually real people, but still.

    That sound about right? Charlie affixed her own version of the bitchface in place and took a perverse amount of pleasure in making Sam flinch. Two, they like eachother and are obviously into eachother and that much UST is going to result in pain whether physical or emotional and nobody wants that.

    She could usually pull off a pretty decent shark look because Sam actually did seem kind of scared about it and he was withdrawing into the corner of the couch with his knees to his chest.

    She reeled herself in with several deep, calming breaths. And you, Sam Winchester, are going to help me make it happen. What do you suggest? His nose scrunched at her words and Charlie thought it was kind of adorable and again contemplated the pros and cons of digging out her cell phone and filling it full of photos for the fandom.

    She could call them really freaking good LARPers or cosplayers. Hell, they could probably be the spokespersons for the book and if they agreed to do a few conventions, they could probably rake in a decent amount of cash.

    Stop talking about them having sex. I want them to be happy. They both deserve it, like, a lot. I was alone and drifting and I found someone and I… I was happy.

    I was really happy. Charlie watched as his eyes went unfocused and she knew he was reminiscing. She melted a little at the small smile that tugged at his lips because yeah, she could totally understand what he was getting at.

    Not that she had anything to complain about because she was really very content with her life. But that was it.

    At least, not the kind of happy that Sam was getting at. No more talking about them breeding like tribbles. Seriously, the Winchesters were like the big brothers she never knew she wanted.

    His eyes went wide and Charlie almost felt bad because he really truly did look frikken horrified. Just — never mention that again, okay?

    Charlie sighed, pretending to be put upon by his request until Sam fixed her with a glare. You suck so bad. No talking for the next five minutes.

    I want you to think up all the possible ways we can get Dean and Cas to admit their attraction to eachother. Charlie would throttle Sam if she could.

    But there's an Angel of the Lord sitting in front of her and he just might frown upon that. As queen of her high school improv group, Charlie throws those skills to good use and decides to take a page out of Team Free Will's handbook she'll make it up as she goes along and keep her fingers crossed that Dean or Cas doesn't mess this up.

    But then the plot bunnies got promiscuous and now I honestly don't know how many chapters there will be. I'm having too much fun with this story to really care at this point.

    These pages are basically writing themselves now. Sam chewed on his lip and his nose scrunched up and his brow beetled and he just kept staring at Charlie.

    For all I know, he could be as emotionally constipated as Dean is. Charlie shut her laptop because there really was no use in typing up a list of their options now that their options were narrowed to the few ideas she had.

    No, telling him that would probably be a very bad thing. Being invisible would suggest I have a presence on this plane of reality that could be noticed.

    I just had to persuade them that smiting a town off the face of the Earth in the past is not a viable option. It could alter history. The town will be fine… now.

    Which actually, is a good thing. Both Sam and Castiel looked at her with wide eyes but for entirely different reasons. Sam was horrified, probably thinking she was going to try his ridiculous plan of talking some sense into the angel.

    Castiel just looked surprised, and then he looked confused, as if it was completely unheard of that Dean not being in the same place as the rest of them could possibly be a good thing.

    Pretending to be attracted to men was just a sacrifice she was going to have to make. Though that would have been a far more hilarious path to take and Charlie had quite a few good rebuttals for why he should be doing this instead of her.

    But then Cas had to end up coming back earlier than expected and now she was on a time crunch to get this done before Dean ended up returning prematurely too.

    It was an exceptional amount of blinking, like he was surprised by the question and not sure how to react so all he could do was blink.

    Have you seen the ass on that man? First and foremost was that no, he most certainly was not reading her mind. Secondly, he apparently had zero idea of how to react because he was just staring straight ahead.

    Third, he had actually stopped breathing. Yeah sure, Dean was attractive. But he was not even near her type even if you took into account the part about him sporting the wrong equipment.

    Sam seemed to be having a little difficultly of his own with this whole charade. Then this little light flicked on behind his eyes and Charlie knew he was having some kind of lightning-strike idea.

    She hoped he knew how to improvise because seriously, if he messed this up she was going to get her lightsaber out and bust it on his butt. Castiel's head snapped to the side so fast Charlie half expected it to come right off his shoulders and he was looking at Sam with wide eyes, which ended up narrowing dangerously when they turned toward her.

    She shifted uncomfortably, the hard wood edge of the table digging into her thighs. Was it because she liked girls? Was he gonna smite her for liking boobs?

    Or was he looking like that because he was catching on to the lie? Thinking like that could lead to the very ruin of this plan. No, she could still salvage this.

    The plan could still work! Charlie was trying very, very hard to be coy. He was even so brash as to wink and she widened her eyes at him in warning, quirking an eyebrow toward the angel because if he gave off anymore hints she really was going to kick his ass.

    Charlie nearly fell off the table jerking away in surprise. Does everyone have an exception to their close-minded ideas of gender roles and what is considered the right gender to be attracted to?

    Not everyone finds that someone. But if that guy was… say… Robert Downey Jr. Are angels allowed to lie?

    Who do you have the hots for? Is there a Mr. Someone with nice plumage, perhaps? If I was to show you my real wings, your eyes would burn.

    She had been hoping against hope that Castiel would be the one to say it first. Castiel on the other hand was swinging between two very different extremes.

    First pretty much every drop of blood drained from his face the last time she saw someone that pale was when she was seven years old and looking at her great uncle Stu laying in his coffin at his funeral.

    And then he blushed so hard she was mildly worried his cheeks were going to bruise. That was followed by the most terrified, wide-eyed look Charlie had ever seen.

    The angel was fish-mouthing and he kept fisting his hands in his trench coat and Charlie really just wanted to wrap him up in a hug and shush him and tell him it was going to be alright.

    Damn her maternal instincts. Magoo would be able to see it. They both nearly jumped out of their skin when Castiel made a weird strangled noise in the back of his throat.

    There had been a time crunch and some mental flailing and grabbing at straws. At no point was Charlie ever thinking of hurting Dean or Castiel.

    Frankly, neither Charlie or Sam were prepared for the ridiculously displeased glare they received. They both adverted their eyes, lowered their heads in shame, and basically bared their bellies for the tongue-lashing sure to follow.

    Charlie chanced a glance to Sam and he was looking at her through a curtain of hair and it was by an unspoken agreement that they both lifted their heads to look to Cas.

    His face was, unhelpfully, back in his epic angel look of stoic blankness. Castiel flicked his eyes to her and anything she was going to say threw itself off St.

    Bart's because there was no way the angel actually just said what she thought she had heard. With Castiel in on the scheming now, things aren't actually looking as up as Charlie was hoping they would.

    If he would just pick one of their plans, he and Dean would probably be getting on with the happy make-outs by now.

    Charlie makes the decision for everyone and Sam feels more uncomfortable than he likely thought possible. I'm thinking this is likely the 2nd to last chapter.

    The next will wrap the story up and I'm thinking about a smutty little chapter afterward. What do you guys think? Is that something you'd want?

    Charlie was not happy. What was leaving her a sour-wolf was that he was shooting down every single one of the various ways to go about bringing that plan into action.

    Not to mention that those fanfiction were mostly Wincest. Cas, what do you really want from Dean? He was looking down at his hands in his lap, fingers fiddling with the edge of his trench coat.

    How do you feel when you think about someone else touching or kissing him? Or if he was to tell someone else that he loves them?

    Castiel looked about ready to bring down the wrath of Heaven down on her coffee table for having the unfortunate luck of being directly in his line of sight.

    The situation was starting to get ridiculous. Hit on Cas in front of Dean. Hush your mouth shiny-butt. I have to pee. Neither of them noticed when she took her seat back on the couch and it was another few minutes before anything happened.

    He was checking my memories and stuff. It was the quickest way. He fought through a world of monsters to find me and even with the threat of Leviathan, he refused to leave me and insisted that we would return together.

    Why did he have to find you? But she kept her reaction close to her chest, because there had to be more to it than that.

    Leviathan were after me. She smacked him with the pillow because brotherly love was blinding him to their cause. If you take out the fact that you were being hunted by terrifying monsters, your time in Purgatory was basically a fanfic.

    So now we know — for a fact — that Dean loves you. He basically came out and said it. We know you love him.

    We know you want him. Now what do you plan to do about it? I mean, in the books Sam and Dean do eventually get around to talking about stuff.

    Which is, need I remind you, the books and all of, like, 30 minutes of interaction between the two of them. Instead of joining in the staring, Castiel dug a cell phone out of one of his pockets and proceeded to do the what Sam should have been doing.

    This totally plays into one of the plans! After we get you and Dean to announce your undying love for each other, I swear to your Dad that we are parking your butt on this couch and you are going to watch every single DVD I own.

    But first things first, we need to get you a change of clothes. She turned slowly and frowned at the expectant eyes of her guests.

    With hands on her hips, she chewed on her bottom lip and thought over that very good, wrench-in-the-works, question. She might have the hair product and some lip-chap, but she was majorly lacking in all other departments.

    Cas, you strip down to… I dunno, your lowest layer of shirt or something. Your pants and shoes will have to stay. Ditch the tie and the overcoat.

    He stared at Charlie evenly and she returned the look with a quirked eyebrow. It was pretty unnerving and she wanted to look away, but she had to hold her ground otherwise all of this would be for nothing.

    Yeah, she could probably just go back to running her program to find those witches without batting an eyelash and pretend like none of this had ever happened.

    But… where was the fun in that? Charlie nodded in satisfaction and made a beeline for the bathroom.

    She grabbed her hair spray, just in case. Sam had Castiel completely shirtless by the time she got back.

    Castiel looked between them with raised eyebrows and the easy air of someone with zero embarrassment over being the only half-naked person in the room.

    She stopped him from doing up the top two buttons and when he reached for his tie, she slapped his hand. She scrutinized his belt and slacks, glaring at them like they had personally affronted her.

    Which, they kind of were. Charlie ruffled her fingers through her hair, thinking hard about the contents of her closet.

    She had her costumes, and her fancy stuff, and her day to day stuff. Her pajamas and her winter clothes. But she was nearly half a foot shorter than Castiel and absolutely none of that would fit.

    And even if she could convince Sam to give up his pants, they would be way too big and far too unflattering for Cas.

    Of course, neither of them listened to her because she heard them enter the room behind her as she pulled open the door of her closet.

    She ignored them and started pulling things out by the handful, tossing things over her shoulder. Sam gave a disgruntled shout and Castiel grunted in surprise as they took a Star Trek Ensign costume and a hoodie with built in Tauren horns to the face, respectively.

    And she made an awesome Seven-of-Nine. But seriously, just wear these. I will not take no for an answer and I will manhandle you into them if I have to.

    Charlie slicked her fingers in the gel and gestured at Sam to help Castiel with the pants. The look she received was less than pleased and Charlie narrowed her eyes at him until he did.

    Looking entirely too uncomfortable with the action, he fit his fingers into the belt loops and jerked them up, actually lifting Cas off the floor a good few inches as he did it.

    Castiel sucked in a breath and made an odd high pitched noise, arms pin-wheeling slightly. But… they are very There is simply not going to be enough room.

    Sam, help him if he needs it. I draw the line at helping him with his junk. For an angel, you have some nice legs.

    Ignoring his curious and displeased look, she pulled him to his feet and examined his shirt. She knew she had some things here that she could use, she just had to find them.

    Raising her eyebrows at him, she silently asked him to help her out. Sam rolled his eyes and shuffled uncomfortably.

    Which was entirely too uncalled for. In fact, he should stay on his knees and worship the ground she walked upon, thanking her profusely for not making him seduce Cas in front of Dean.

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